Wy  contact PalaeoPlan?

 A  way to give an answer to the “crisis of archaeology”

is a “Non-Profit-Organization” and is engaged  in projects and themes of  Paleolithic man in the Caribbean, Middle Europe and North Africa. PalaeoPlan develops scientific topics to projects. In Germany we speak about the “crisis” of archaeology” because archaeology is not  the focus of politics . Under the economic pressure of globalistic competition  responsibility for public affairs  retreats  in favor of private interests.  We want to react to this trends in a proper way. Private actors, scientific institutions, politics, public and private finance funds should be combined to realize  clearly defined projects - also on international level. Non-German colleagues  are invited to participate. A contact with PalaeoPlan would be the first step.  Look also at the news bottom.

      There are different kinds of participation possible. For example:

-      cooperation in equal partnership in PaläoPlan (operating   manager and representative)

-      planning and realizing of a project in own responsibility

-      scientific consultation (consultant)


It is also the object of PaläoPlan to establish a Forum of discussion




PalaeoPlan - A Non-Profit-Organization by Dr.G.Elvers - Copyright 2006