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We announced the start of our Non-Profit-Organization combined with this new Homepage August 2006. We hope that this  platform  gets colleagues interested in a new form of managing archaeology. Positive or negative public reactions to this initiative  are welcome. Critics we  use to make it better.

The  localization,  analysis and dating of  110 Swabean sites deposited in Zuchering have  been finished. The results were delivered to the Landesamt für Denkmalspflege, Bayern. In a revision of the homepage  the results were postered..

In the process of digitalizing  the registered finds of Archaeological Patronage of Bavaria (BayerischesLandesamt für  Denkmalspflege - blfd)- paleoplan developed  proposals how the freelance staff of field research can be incorporated into the oficial scientific world. with more efficiency.  The potential of honory members of field research has to be enabled to use GPS and to put the site data into the centralized digital information and deposit system of the Bayerisches Landesamt für Denkmalspflege. The Bavarian government picked up the proposals.

Complishing  the field research "Project Eastern Ries-Crater"  will be the next step. We need more finds to get clearer distinguishing marks of Middle Palaeolithic and Final Acheuleen. Since 2011  the Bavarian government supports the project with money and experts Since 012 we localize the finds by a special map-programme "bayernviewer".  At the end  the finds will be deposited in the oficial Munic depot of blfd.

In Cuba  blades of "Clovis-Culture"  (Collins: Texas) were located. If  you want  information about actual activities in Cuba please read the special pages in this homepage .

The Egyptian project  is affected by the revolution . The stop of corruption is favourable,  the delay  to organize supporters in Germany, Europe, Egypt is bad. To endure the procedure we have published some fine images of handaxes now (June 12).





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